The Point

The Point
by KishaLynn Moore

It’s really hard to see what the point is any more.
The point of what?
Of anything.
Of being American, of voting
Of bothering to care
Of having a voice, an opinion
Of civil rights, of democracy
Of Democrats, of Republicans
Of liberals, of conservatives
Of loving others, or loving yourself
Of Iraq, of terror, of oil, of military
Of lives being lost, what’s the point
of fighting?

I guess the point is
Change takes time.
I realize that
But why does it have to be MY time, and YOUR time?
I guess for the same reason it was MLK’s time
and Malcolm X’s time and Audre Lourde’s time,
and Susan B. Anthony’s time
and JFK’s time, and Nelson Mandela’s time,
and Harriet Tubman’s time.

The definition of oppression
is convincing others
of the futility of it all.

And the point is…
Whatever you make it
As long as you fight.

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