Today I have no poem about love or Victory or coming out or my girlfriend.
Today I am very upset. So I can’t write about sex,lovemaking, licks, kisses, massages, touches or orgasms.
I am VERY upset! My joy, my merriment, even the love I am enjoying so very much is invisible today. My eyes, blinded by rage, pain is sharp in my soul, my tears wet, stinging and burning like the turmoil within me.
I AM UPSET because sometimes it feels like the world hates me. Not me KishaLynn. But Me, the lesbian.
They hate me in Virginia, where the civil union I don’t even have yet, might mean nothing. Even the medical power of attorney, I might have gotten, so I could have her by my side, should I fall sick and prepare to die might mean nothing.
They hate me in Michigan, where some asshole doctor, might CANCEL MY APPOINTMENT and refuse me care, because I sleep in the arms of a woman each night.
They hate me in Rhea County, Tennesseee, where they tried to ban me from living in a place I wouldn’t even stop to take a SHIT in!
And they certainly hate me here in Georgia, where So. Ridiculous. 595 is the reason my girlfriend told me that my desire to marry her one day is a joke.
I AM UPSET because if I were a sperm donor to my partner, I could HAVE automatic parental rights in the absense of a contract stating otherwise. But if I am an egg donor to my partner, I have no rights, and no child.
I AM UPSET because my evangelist aunt was visiting and ASKED for a place to stay and when I told her she could stay with me,
but just know that I was gay she said thanks anyway.
I’m upset!!
Really, really pissed off!
I’m called a dreamer a lot but how can that be. Surely all I see is a nightmare!
Because I don’t want this slumber of upset anymore.

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