Contemplation of a Dream

Contemplation of a Dream

To wake up next to her
Each day
Is an answered prayer
From a broken

Verbose supplication for
God’s demonstration of
True love
In the physical form not just

Her flesh
A testimony
Has heeded my call
And awarded my diligence.

Freedom to love
Free me to love
My Cry
Love me
Her cry
And I do.

Sweet Lord do I love this woman
Whose touch is
A succulent symphony
To my skin and
Whose radiance is
From beyond the sun
Or any light.

She is mine and the
I have lived for 23 years
Has turned
A dream.

Asleep my fears
And doubts and worries
And insecurities.
The former insomniac of my tortured mind
Sedated by the dream of
Real love
Looking me in the face
Soft hands reaching out for my body
And grasping my heart.

Dear Lord shall I awake and
Return to the nightmare of heartbreak?
Shall newfound freedom
Give way
To the imprisonment of
Or is she mine?

The celestial whisper
In my ear
As I drink of the
Nectarous fountain of her essence
Unto you I have given this gift
of her
who is like god.
And as you love her
Closer to Me you grow
So sleep My child
And never awake.

She is
As I

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