A Special Announcement from Coach KishaLynn

Happy Saturday Friends! Today, I have a special announcement to share with you all.

I’m so proud that I’ve built my coaching business to a full client load between my full time coaching job for homeless students at a local school and for my wonderful private coaching clients. This gives me the confidence to incorporate a new element that expands my ability both to help people AND earn even more money.

Before there was Coach KishaLynn, or Author KishaLynn, or Speaker KishaLynn, or CEO/VP/Director KishaLynn…there was Independent Beauty Consultant KishaLynn and the business that started it all for me–Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Today I am pleased to announce my return to Mary Kay. I am adding the product line, focused on SKIN CARE, into my coaching business as another means to help clients all over the world create their best lives. I am in the process of soft-launching my business now. I’ve found a great unit, and a wonderful Director. I’ve ordered inventory and set up my website.

But there something else–something I’ve never done in my 9 years history with the company: I’m building a team!

Not because I want to drive a pink Cadillac or earn commissions, or any of the other “pink” incentives. That will be nice, but honestly, I could care less about any of that.

I’m building a team because Mary Kay has always helped me make MONEY when I needed it most, and I want to equip others with that power. I don’t want to keep it to myself any longer just how EASY and FUN it is to put real dollars into your pocket by sharing affordable, popular, high-quality and effective skin care and cosmetic products with others.

If you’ve read my book “A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True“, then you know how selling Mary Kay helped me to raise a portion of the $13,000 I needed to have my D.R.E.A.M. wedding debt-free. Without Mary Kay, I also wouldn’t be driving my D.R.E.A.M. convertible, Believe aka “Billie”. Both were achieved just doing Mary Kay as a hobby. Now, I’m building it as a BUSINESS for even greater impact. To have a business in Mary Kay, I need a team.

I’m creating space now to formally debut my Mary Kay business in San Diego in July, and more globally online in August, as I celebrate the 2nd anniversary of This Stuff’s Working Coaching! and the one-year anniversary of the formation of This Stuff’s Working! L.L.C.

So why am I here yammering about it today, May 31 in what started as a social media post so long I that I had to turn it into a blog post?

It’s to invite you to join my team NOW. My goal is to formally debut my business in July as a Team Leader, meaning that I’m helping at least five other people start businesses, earn money and enrich women’s lives through Mary Kay.

I’ll bet at least 50 people will see this message at least once. I KNOW there are at least five of you that are ready now. This message is for YOU.

If you join my team today, May 31, 2014, then your start-up kit will only cost $75.00. That’s 25% off of the original starter kit investment of $100, AND your starter kit includes over $400 of full-sized product, PLUS all of the business essentials you will need to start selling right away.

After today, the starter kit price will be $100, which is still an amazingly low investment for the immediate return you get, not to mention the extraordinary potential returns.

I don’t believe in being pushy or aggressive. That has never worked for me (or on me)! So, I’m simply making this invitation to you, asking you to consider it. If you’re interested in learning more about starting a business in Mary Kay, or are interested in ordering your starter kit today for $75, then please message me, or send me an email at kishalynn[at]me.com and let’s build this new D.R.E.A.M. together.

Otherwise, back to your regularly scheduled Saturdays!!! *hugs*

Always Believing In You,

Coach KishaLynn

IMAGE CREDIT: www.marykay.com

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