More on the Momentous Candace Parker Tweet

OK, for anyone who cares, or at minimum to document the occasion, here is the full scoop on the soon-to-be Infamous Candace Parker tweet.   So, I’ve been following Candace Parker and the Los Angeles Sparks on Twitter for weeks now. In fact, it’s the sole reason I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon in the ...

How to Be Happy-My Unsolicited Advice To Everyone (including myself)

1. Choose to feel differently. 2. Smile anyway. 3. Laugh at anything. 4. Stop complaining. 5. Really, stop complaining. 6. Quit your job. 7. Treat yourself. 8. Go for the best feeling possible. 9. Get grateful for something. 10. Stop fucking complaining. 11. Celebrate good times, come on! 12. Get over it. Or yourself.